Farida case before the Supreme Court

Supreme Court sleep rapeSupreme Court.Photo: Statsbygg

The Supreme Court will deal with the state appeal on Tuesday and Wednesday in the so-called ‘Farida case’. Farida (11) and her family were forced to return to Afghanistan in 2015.


The arrest warrant in February 2015 occurred two years after their temporary residence permit had been withdrawn. When the district court dealt with the case in October 2015, the family agreed that the Immigration Service’s (UNE) decision was incorrect. In June last year the Supreme Court maintained this decision, but UNE chose to appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

UNE showed that the Court of Appeal had made a different decision in a similar case.

‘’When the courts apply the rules differently, there is uncertainty about what is the proper use of law. Therefore, the state will ask that the understanding of the rules be clarified by the Supreme Court, UNE wrote.

Farida and her mother came to Norway in 2011, the following year the father arrived. The mother claims that she escaped because she was forced to be with another man, but the Immigration Commission (UNE) believes she lied about her background.

Farida and her family lived in Dokka, Oppland, where they have many faithful supporters. There has been a torchlit march, and in February 2016, Farida’s friends held a support concert to raise money for the family.

Since the family was forced to return, they have stayed at a secret address in Kabul, for which the support group has paid, reported NRK news.


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