Farmer deprived of the right to animal husbandry

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Farmer deprived of the right to animal husbandry following repeated offenses

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has deprived a sheep farmer in Nordland of the right to keep production animals after allegedly having committed repeated offenses over a number of years.


– The animals are supposed to be provided with good welfare, and they did not receive that in this barn. Some animals were so skinny that it was only a matter of days before they starved to death, says Special Inspector in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), Asle-Håvard Miklegard, to NRK.

Over several years, the auditors has followed the animal husbandry of the sheep farmer in Nordland, and has noted repeated and serious breaches of the animal welfare act. In twelve cases, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has registered grave deviations when auditing the farm. The deviations are mainly noted as serious offenses like lack of food and water, lack of care, non-removal of dung, shortage of space and, in many cases, underfed animals.

After the last inspection made in the spring of 2017, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority decided to forcibly terminate the animal husbandry.

Lack of understanding regarding animal welfare

In the worst cases, the animals have been left without adequate access to food and water and have had to stand and lie in their own dung. More than 30 animals have been forcibly slaughtered in the period from 2012 to 2017 due to starvation.

“… you lack the understanding of what is required to ensure good welfare for the animals to such an extent that we consider the risk that the animal welfare law will be broken again, and that animals again will be affected by severe strains and overloads are imminent if you are to continue with production animals,” the inspectorate writes in their decision.


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