Water bottle contained poison – man died


Water bottle contained poison – man died

A lumber worker died after drinking what he thought was water out of a bottle labeled Farris. The bottle contained a toxic liquid and the company (he worked for) has now accepted a fine.

The accident happened in October 2017. The bottle was in a car that belonged to the company, Alvdal Skurlag in Nord-Østerdal, writes Aftenposten.

The man in his 60s quickly realized that the liquid was not water that he drunk and rushed to the doctor. However, his life could not to be saved, and he was dead after a few hours.

The bottle contained a lethal concentration of the substance sodium nitrite, which in diluted form is used to test the quality of impregnated lumber.

Alvdal Skurlag decided before Christmas to pay a corporate penalty of NOK 500,000 after the incident and has also agreed to pay NOK 125,000 each to the husband’s widow and two children.

The company has admitted that they have not kept the toxin sufficiently careful.

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