Faster than before: Norwegian police improve response time all over the country

Norwegian policePhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

For the first time, the Norwegian police meet the requirements for response time at the national level for small, medium-sized, and large places.

“It is great that we reach the requirements in all three urban categories, but it is at the national level. 

“There are still differences between the districts, so we work hard to ensure that everyone meets the requirements,” section chief Elisabeth Rise in the Police Directorate told newspaper VG.

When the police reform was introduced in 2015, the response time – how long it takes from the police receiving a notification of an incident until the first police unit is on the scene – for the police began to be measured. 

Average response time

From May to August this year, the average response time was 30 minutes in the smallest places, 19 minutes for places with 2,000 up to 19,999 inhabitants, and 11 minutes for the largest places.

“The police reform will be evaluated in 2022. We know that it takes time to implement some of the goals that were set, but I am very pleased that we are where we are today,” Minister of Justice Monica Mæland (H) said.

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