Father of Norwegian terrorist Philip Manshaus rejects police request for weapon confiscation

Philip ManshausPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

The father of Norwegian terrorist Philip Manshaus must appear in Asker and Bærum District Court after rejecting a police request to confiscate the weapons that his son stole from him.

“The weapons have been locked in accordance with regulations in a weapons cabinet, and the keys were hidden at another address. He couldn’t do anything about the fact that they were stolen from him and used for a terrible act,” lawyer Vibeke Hein Bæra, who represents Manshaus’ father, told TV 2.

Manshaus, who was sentenced on June 11 to 21 years in prison for the terrorist attack on the Al-Noor mosque in Bærum and the murder of his step-sister, used three weapons from his father’s weapon cabinet for the attack. 

He had stolen a Remington rifle, a Carl Gustav rifle, and a shotgun.

Disagreement with the police

The police have since seized the weapons, and they now want to formally confiscate the weapons to destroy them. 

However, the father is against the move.

“He agrees in principle that he should be held accountable in this case, where he has lost his stepdaughter and been subjected to an act that has hit him and his family very hard. But such a sanction could have consequences for his hunting license and his hobby as a hunter,” Hein Bæra said.

There is also disagreement between the father and the police as to whether the weapons were properly locked.

It has not been decided when the trial will take place in Asker and Bærum District Court, or whether the father is entitled to a lawyer in the case.

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