A Father and son found dead in a residence at Elverum

Two people found deadTwo people found dead in Elverum.Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

A boy and his father were found dead in their residence at Elverum on Friday night. The police believe it is a murder and suicide.


A man in his 40s and his 13 year old son were found dead in the home they lived in Elverum, Hedmark on Friday. Police believe the father first killed his son before taking his own life.

“Based on the circumstances and what was found at the scene, the police’s main theory is that it was a murder suicide,” says police adviser Kaja Løhren Borg of the Inland Police District in a press release.

Local investigators and experts from Kripos have been working on technical investigations at the scene throughout the Saturday. Both bodies have been sent to autopsy. The preliminary autopsy report is expected Tuesday

“We will still work on this case to map out all conditions surrounding the deaths,” says Borg.

She informs NTB that the police were notified of the case around 20:30 on Friday night.

The police have completed the initial technical investigations on the spot. Kripos will assist in the autopsy.


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