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Father suspected of having punished daughter with rape


A man is in Fredrikstad District Court was remanded for eight weeks charged with incest and rape of his daughter in her 20’s. The daughter claims she was punished with rape because she had become too “Western”.

The man in his 40s was arrested on September 7th and charged with incest and rape of his own daughter in Fredrikstad, shortly after the rape allegedly took place. He has served four weeks in custody, and was jailed for eight more weeks on Thursday.

The accused has chosen to appeal the charges to the Court of Appeal, writes Fredrikstad24.
DNA samples of both victim and the accused in the case showed results on the woman’s intimate body parts and underwear of the accused.

Her father has always denied culpability.
The case became known when his daughter came into contact with two postmen outside the house shortly after the rape allegedly took place and the postmen alerted police.

Police believe the rape “bears the mark of being a father’s punishment for the daughter living an overly Western lifestyle.” This was her explanation as she explained what occurred, according to the police prosecutor. The Father and daughter have non-western backgrounds.

– They must have argued prior to the incident. The father must have been angry because his daughter did not follow his way of life, she explained in questioning, said police lawyer Anette Sogn to Fredrikstad24.

The daughter is hospitalized in a psychiatric ward as a result of what she allegedly suffered.