Fearing defense is wise for over 200 million

soldiersSoldiers.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Ministry of Defence gets a powerful rebuke of an internal auditor’s report showing that the military may have paid millions to tax havens companies and suppliers that the defense even claim “is not in use”.

Defense Ministry’s internal auditors rebukes Defence’s own control in an internal report, writes ABC News. The site has gained partial access to the report where it gets questioned nearly 70 payments for a total value of 264 million. All payments should have happened in 2013.

The auditors have only assessed the risks associated with two types of Defence payments – procurement and payroll, but still believes that the preventive, detective and corrective controls are not adequate.
The report shows, among other, 509 invoices totaling more than 83 million who can not be linked to any supplier. It is also revealed 24 cases where employees and contractors have joint bank account, and the payment of invoices from companies with addresses in tax havens that are likely hides who the real owner is.
It was also revealed over 4,200 invoices from suppliers who were registered as “not in use” Defence invoice system – bills with a total value of 68.5 million

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today