Federation of Norwegian Aviation industries defends Wizz Air’s arrival in Norway

Torbjørn LothePhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

On Saturday, the Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries (NHO Luftfart) defended the Hungarian newcomer Wizz Air. The low-cost company has, among other things, been criticized for having a negative attitude towards trade unions.

“Wizz Air says that they follow the rules that apply in Norway, and we know nothing else,” CEO Torbjørn Lothe at NHO Luftfart told Flysmart24.

Lothe does not think it is unexpected that new players are trying to establish themselves in the Norwegian market. 

He has previously pointed out how airlines with solid finances can use other weaker companies’ corona problems to take over markets.

He believes that this is what is happening now in Norway and that Wizz Air is only taking advantage of the regulations that were created when European aviation was opened to free competition in the 90s.

Free competition

“The authorities wanted free competition, and it is a bit late now to say that we do not want companies from countries with working conditions different than ours,” Lothe said.

“It is entirely possible to fly to and from Norway, and to that extent also domestically in Norway, with the use of personnel stationed in other countries. 

“This has happened before, as well. The state itself has purchased services on tender routes from, among others, the Danish company DAT with the use of personnel from other countries. 

“But when employees are stationed in Norway, there will probably be demands for collective agreements, and Norwegian wage and contract terms will have to take effect,” Lothe concluded.

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