Female CEOs are scarce in business says Prime Minister Erna Solberg

Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Erna Solberg responded to a lack of female managers in listed companies, saying employment in this role in industry may seem predetermined.

‘There are some factors in recruitment that cause men to get an extra plus. Often, when one sees the description of what is required, one might suspect that who gets the job is already decided’, Solberg told the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

Solberg was asked to comment on the management of Norwegian working life, which is very dominated by women. She compared it to total male dominance in business, without wishing to give examples.

Ex-Chairman of Telenor ASA, Svein Aaser, believes Solberg underestimates ‘boards’.

‘There is a willingness to look for women, but it is striking that there are none, while we see female dominance in political life and in the public sector. It seems as if some other things apply in business, and it surprises me a little’, says Aaser.

CEO of Telenor Norway, Berit Svendsen, said it is typical to highlight deficiencies in female bosses.

‘It is much easier to point out what a woman cannot do, even after she landed the job. Men can do “everything”. Men have chosen men in Norway, that is why there are so many men in leadership positions,’ she said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today