Woman got mild punishment for drug crimes


Woman got mild punishment for drug crimes

The court took into account the vulnerable situation of a drug-indicted woman and therefore condemned her to community service instead of imprisonment. The main reason for the mild punishment for drug crimes, is that she is in the middle of a sex change process


The woman was sentenced to 358 hours of community service in Tønsberg District Court for using and storing 171.7 grams of amphetamine. The woman acknowledged guilt when she was arrested with the drugs in 2016.

Normally, such a drug crimes is punished by about one year and six months in prison.

However, in the verdict, the court ruled that her vulnerable situation was taken into account. The woman who used to be a man now goes through a gender change process.

She has stated that she is unsure how she will handle a prison stay, both because of her mental health, but also as a result of the gender change challenges during the atonement.

 The court thought that these were major reasons for giving her a community service penalty instead of imprisonment.

 The sex change of course does not, of course, provide a” free card “to avoid imprisonment. However, as the court sees it, it must be considered that she has been and still has to be considered to be in a particularly vulnerable life situation, the district court states.

 The woman does not have to pay any court costs.


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