Female soldiers positive to mixed dorms

Sessvollmoen Female soldiers mixed dormsCandidates at Joint admission and selection camp at Sessvollmoen being tested in ice cold water. Photo: Marthe Brendefur / Forsvaret (Norwegian Army)

Female soldiers more positive to mixed dorms

Nearly four out of five female soldiers are very positive to sharing dorms with their fellow male soldiers. Among the males, the corresponding figure is two out of three.


It shows the conscription survey for 2017, which NRK has received from the Armed Forces.

While 78 per cent of women respond that they are “very positive” to mixed dorms, 14 per cent are “quite positive”. Among the men, 66 per cent are very positive and 19 per cent are quite positive.

– Det har bare blitt flere og flere jenter i forsvaret, og jeg tror kanskje at de har et større behov for at det er blandet, for de ønsker ikke at det skal bli et tydelig skille, sier gardist og tillitsvalgt i Gardeleiren Josefine Fusdahl til NRK.

At the same time, 16 per cent of the women serving for the first time answer that they have been subject to sexual harassment from their fellow (male) soldiers. This is an increase of 1 percentage point from the previous year. Among the male soldiers, 1 per cent responds that they have been sexually harassed.

Most of the harassment has taken place during the term of service, the survey shows.


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