Festival AS sells toxic products

Products sold by Festival AS in Norway. Photo: Festival AS

Festival AS sells products containing environmental toxins

The Norwegian Environment Agency reports the company Festival AS for selling illegal, toxic products. It has supplied products containing toxins to some of the largest chain stores in Norway.

“Festival AS can do too little about the regulations, it doesn’t follow the rules and sell products that contain substances that are not legal,” Department Director of the Environment Directorate, Bjørn Bjørnstad, tells NRK.

The Directorate has performed five audits of the wholesale company since 2009. Prohibited toxins and deficiencies in the internal control system have been discovered at every audit.

“When they have such deficiencies – and it does not look as if neither the management nor those responsible, have taken it seriously or corrected the deviations – we report Festival AS to the police. The police must assess whether the company should be punished,” he explains to the public broadcaster.


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Festival AS is engaged in wholesale trade and has a wide range of goods in Norway. This includes tools, interior and leisure articles. It delivers to large national chain stores such as Coop, Skeidar, Sparkjøp and komplett.no, according to NRK.

Daily Manager of Festival AS, Kjetil Mykjåland, admits to NRK that the company has traded products containing illegal toxins.

“We, naturally, wish to regret it. We will tighten our routines to avoid this in the future,” Mykjåland states, adding that “the company has recalled and destroyed products containing excessive amounts of environmental toxins.”

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