Few Norwegians trust that Nav will be able to handle the Coronavirus crisis

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Only 22 percent of those polled in a survey say they trust that Nav is able to handle the situation that occurs after the Coronavirus eruption.

Over the past two weeks, unemployment has risen from 2.3 to 10.4 percent as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

Now, a new Opinion survey shows that only 22 percent of those surveyed have confidence that Nav can handle the situation.

Nearly every other, 47 percent, of those surveyed who are employed do not trust Nav’s ability to handle the situation, compared to 38 percent of those who are unemployed.

– “Those in the business world have less confidence that Nav can handle the situation. This is probably due to the fact that more people now constitute a new user group of Nav, while many others who already use Nav such as pensioners, receive child benefits or were already Nav users before the Coronavirus epidemic, have greater confidence that Nav are capable of delivery for them,” says senior adviser. Ola Gaute Aas Askheim in Opinion.

On Friday, emergency manager Yngvar Åsholt told NavSide that so far in 2020, a total of 313,100 applications for unemployment have been received, compared with 160,500 throughout 2019 and 166,600 throughout 2018.

– “The turnout is huge. Today, unfortunately, we cannot give an answer on how long it will take to get processed and paid unemployment benefits to all those who have now applied, but we will come back with clearer answers as soon as possible,” said emergency manager Åsholt.

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