Fewer die in fires

fire, fire in the particleboard factoryIllustration.Fire.Photo: pixabay.com

24 people have died in fires so far this year. It is close to the bottom record year last year.

Fatality statistics from fire department for all of last year showed 35 fatalities. This is the lowest number of fatalities over 50 years.

– This year, like last year, the number of fatalities unusually low for the third quarter. We obviously hope this is a trend that will persist, says communications manager Håvard Kleppe in Norwegian Fire Protection Association.

However, it is too early to anticipate a new low point for 2016 as a whole. The season ahead of us, is normally the most flammable time of year.

– We are now entering a period with increase in usage of electricity, candles and fuel in stoves and fireplaces. These are factors that we know leads to increased risk of residential fire, Kleppe says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today