Fewer lynx in Norway

lynx predatorLynx. Photo: pixabay.com

The Norwegian lynx population has decreased but the population in Scandinavia has increased by 18 percent, according to new figures from Rovdata.

Before hunting this year, it was estimated to be total 273.5 family of lynx in Scandinavia, an increase of 18 percent, from 232.5 family last year.

The rise in Scandinavia comes despite the fact that during the winter 52 family groups were registered in Norway, 14 percent lower in compare with last year.

It comes from a new report by the Norwegian and Swedish Rovdata wild animal injury center (Viltskadecenter).

– Winter’s population registration shows an increase of 41 family groups in Scandinavia from last year.

52 of these family groups were registered in Norway while 221.5 were registered in Sweden. This represents a population in excess of 300 lynx in Norway and about 1,300 lynxes in Sweden, says Jonas Kindberg, leader in Rovdata.

The Norwegian population has been decided for fourth consecutive year to be kept with target of 65 annual family groups of lynx, which has been decided by Parliament.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today