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Fewer notifications to Nav about terminations and layoffs

NAV, young unemployedNAV.Photo: Norway Today Media

Nav has received fewer notifications of terminations and layoffs during the first 8 months of 2017, compared to the same period last year.


Between January and August this year, Nav was notified of possible redundancies and layoffs affecting 18,200 people. In 2016, the figure for the same period was 32,300, while in 2015, it was 30,000.

For August, Nav received alerts of 3,400 people. Additionally, a single company in Akershus, who announced that they had to lay off 2,500 employees in connection to a notification of possible strikes. The rest of the notifications applied to 900 people.

‘Although these numbers may vary widely from month to month, the number of notifications of layoffs and terminations has now stabilised at a low level. While most of the notifications in 2015 and 2016 applied to terminations, we now see that most of the notifications apply to temporary lay-offs’, said work and welfare director, Sigrun Vågeng.

About one third of the notifications are within industry, but the numbers affected are a half by comparison to the same period last year. Most notifications so far this year were received in Oslo and Akershus, while Rogaland experienced the biggest decline.

Only companies that plan to terminate, or lay-off at least ten employees, are required to notify Nav. Not all notifications result in terminations or layoffs.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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