FHI: 1,926 confirmed corona infections in Norway – 183 new cases over the past day

Oslo.Public Health Institute clarified.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

A total of 1,926 people have now been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus in Norway. In the past 24 hours, 183 new cases have been confirmed. 130 people are hospitalized.

This is down from 135 hospitalized patients the day before, according to figures from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI).

A total of 33 people are admitted or have been admitted to intensive care units.

49,451 people in Norway have now been tested for the virus.

891 people have been infected in Norway, while 892 people have been infected abroad. For 143 people, the site of infection is being clarified.

Of those infected in Norway, 455 people have been in contact with a known infection case, while it is unclear how 408 people have been infected. The infection site for 28 people is still being clarified.

The average age of the confirmed cases of infection is 47.1 years. 44.7 per cent are women, while 55.3 per cent are men.

The majority of those infected are in the 50-59 age group, with 482 people. 14 children up to nine years of age are infected, which is the lowest number among the age groups.

A total of seven people have died of the disease in Norway.

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