FHI is considering tracking people via smartphones to fight against Coronavirus

Youth with mobile phoneYouth with mobile phone.Photo: Ulf Nygaard / NTB scanpix

Norwegian authorities are working on an app to track people’s movements and report them to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, reports NRK.

According to NRK, the app for smartphones will be able to track the movements of those using it.

The goal would be to track who may have been near an infected person and thus help to stop the infection.

It is the state research and development company,  Simula Research Laboratory that is working with the Public Health Institute to develop technical solutions in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Simula would not comment on NRK’s information and referred to the Institute of Public Health.

“We are considering such a solution, but the decision as to whether this should be used has not yet been made,” Gun Peggy Knudsen, Area Director for Health Data and Digitization at FHI, told NRK.

Heidi Beate Bentzen, a researcher on privacy and health law at the University of Oslo, warned that such data can reveal a great deal about a person’s life and must only be used for the fighting of the virus and then deleted.

“The information must only be used to fight the coronavirus,” she said.

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