FHI recognizes customized vaccination solutions such as drop-in vaccination stations as “important”

Camilla StoltenbergPhoto: Berit Roald / NTB

Municipalities should consider drop-in vaccination stations and other adapted solutions to get as many people as possible vaccinated, according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI).

“It is important that everyone who is recommended to get a vaccine understands how important it is to get vaccinated and that the offer is easily accessible to everyone.

“We must communicate in different channels and different languages, and offer vaccinations at multiple places and times,” FHI director Camilla Stoltenberg noted in a press release.

The FHI looked at how the municipalities and districts can create an equal vaccination offer that reaches everyone on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

“No one should have to drop vaccination because, for example, they have cognitive impairment, impaired vision or hearing, a low level of mastery of digital solutions, or if they don’t speak Norwegian as their mother tongue or because the vaccination takes place far from their home or only during the day when they are working,” Stoltenberg emphasized.

Free of charge

The FHI points out, among other things, that it is important to emphasize that vaccination is free, that municipalities and districts use information material in different languages ​​- both printed and digital, and that spokespersons from different environments can be used to disseminate information.

The FHI also encourages the use of different forms of summons and channels as not everyone is familiar with digital platforms.

The Institute also emphasizes that it is important that undocumented migrants must be assured that they will not be reported for illegal stay in Norway if they get vaccinated.

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