FHI warned against resuming alcohol serving in Oslo. The City Council ignored the recommendation

Raymond JohansenPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The National Institute of Public Health (FHI) advised Oslo Municipality to wait some more before allowing alcohol serving again due to the effects of the May 17 celebration. “(It was) right to (re)open now,” the City Council leader believes.

The amended corona recommendations for the City of Oslo state that the FHI thought it was best to wait before resuming alcohol serving in the capital. 

“It is absolutely right that the FHI has given an assessment of postponing alcohol serving and that the infection control chief wanted to distinguish between outdoor and indoor alcohol serving,” City Council chief Raymond Johansen (AP) said.

He pointed out that the City Council must have measures in place that are proportionate and that the infection rates have decreased. 

Different decision

The population’s trust in the rules has also contributed to the City Council making a different decision than the one the FHI recommended.

“We perceived it as right to take this step now,” Johansen said.

The FHI thought it was best to wait and see how the May 17 celebrations affected the infection rates. 

Department director Line Vold at the FHI pointed out that the FHI’s council emphasized that local assessments outside purely infection control and professional considerations are also important for prioritization of relief.

“It is the Municipality’s task to see and know the whole (picture) and make priorities in relation to risk assessment, as well as an overall assessment of the situation when it comes to the reopening of Oslo. We understand that,” Vold told NTB.

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