FHI’s weekly report: Number of corona cases increased by 79% last week

Camilla Stoltenberg - FHIPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

Last week, 1,686 cases of COVID-19 were reported, an increase of 79% from the previous week.

According to the National Institute of Public Health’s (FHI) latest status report on the corona pandemic, there is an increase in most counties and all age groups.

“This is a significant increase in reported cases. It shows that it was now appropriate to introduce a higher degree of restrictions,” Camilla Stoltenberg, director of the National Institute of Public Health, noted.

Oslo currently has the highest infection rate for weeks 42 and 43 combined, with 111 reported cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while Agder has the lowest with 16.6.

More imported infection cases

Furthermore, the FHI noted that the most common suspected infection sites are households, private events, schools, and universities.

Nevertheless, an increasing number of infection cases are coming in from abroad – mainly foreign-born people who are infected in their own home countries, primarily Poland.

“The plan now is to avoid a new wave, establish control of the spread of the infection through the measures that have been introduced, as well as infection detection, testing, and targeted measures. 

“We must establish control over the outbreak that is now happening as soon as possible,” Stoltenberg said.

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