Fights in Oslo and Larvik

Police reformPolice at work among the public .Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Fights in Oslo and Larvik

One young person was beaten with a golf club, and hit by several people in Oslo on Friday night. Another person got a bottle thrown in his face during an event.


“Earlier on Friday night there was a fight where a person was beaten by a golf club by several other people. Police patrols have been searching for the attackers, and have arrested five people suspected of being involved, reported the police on Twitter.

‘’We were notified of the incident at 01.45 last night. There were several men in their 20’s who had hit a minor. There may be a relationship between them,” said operations manager, Marita Aune, to NTB news.

The victim had bruises on his body, but was only slightly injured after the incident at Søndre Nordstrand.

Bottle in the face

In connection with the ski festival in Holmenkollen on Sunday,many people had pitched a tent up to stay at Frognerseteren.

The police had to move them out after reports of noise at 02.30.

‘’A man who worked there had a bottle thrown in his face. The suspect, a man in his 30’s, was angry, and the police had to physically restrain him. He was arrested after notifications of bodily injury and violence against the police,” said Aune. The man needed stitches to his face, and his glasses were broken.

Found with knife

In Larvik, the police had to break up a fight at Quality Hotel Grand Farris on Friday night.

‘’A person has been cut with a knife in the ear, and driven to emergency services’’, police reported on Twitter.

The police arrested two people in their 30s, and seized two knives.


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