Filipino survived for 56 days on ten liters of water


A young Filipino man has been rescued after having gone adrift at sea off Papua New Guinea for 56 days. The man’s uncle died on the boat.

The two men left the south Filipin City of General Santos in January. After hitting bad weather, they drifted out to sea, according to PNG Post Courier. A fishing boat spotted Roland Omongos (21) out at sea on the 9th of March.

According to local police, the two men had no access to food, and Omongos’ uncle died aboard the boat.

The newspaper wrote that the nephew retained his uncle’s corpse in the boat until it began to rot, then he had to push him overboard.

Omongos survived on two five litre containers of water, and was found weak and and in distress by a vessel sailing from Wewak to Rabaul, two towns in Papua New Guinea.

Omongos has received medical attention, and is staying on the boat that rescued him until they get the chance to send him home’, reported the newspaper.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today