Fine weather is arriving to large parts of the country

Beautiful sun weather forecast neighbour's treesBeautiful sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

After a cold and chilly month of May, fine weather will arrive over large parts of the country this week. It will be up to 20 degrees and sunny in Trøndelag on Thursday.

The cold air that has come from the north in recent weeks will give way to a weak high pressure in the south, reports NRK.

“We can’t completely rule out rainfall on Wednesday night in Rogaland and Vestland, but it will be be gone quickly if it comes,” said duty meteorologist Per Egil Haga of the Meteorological Institute.

Much sun has been reported, but temperatures remain relatively low. Wednesday, the low pressure will intensify, before temperatures rise on Thursday.

By the end of the week, warmer air masses are coming across the country, meteorologists said.

Trøndelag will strive to be the warmest place. Temperatures in some counties can reach 20 degrees Friday. Several places in southern Norway can reach more than 15 degrees on both Thursday and Friday. In northern Norway, temperatures are at a lower temperature, but the sun is over much of the region.

The month of May has been cold over large parts of the country and as late as the weekend, it snowed in many places. Snow mostly came in Møre og Romsdal, with over 30 centimeters of fresh snow in the last week.

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