Finland to apply for NATO membership on Wednesday

Photo: AP Photo / Michael Sohn

Finland will most likely send its application to join NATO on Wednesday next week, according to Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto.

Haavisto says the Finns will not be intimidated by Russia.

“We are prepared for possible traditional military threats, violation of our airspace and at sea, even threats to our borders,” Haavisto told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

It has been reported that Sweden may send its NATO application as early as Monday.

“Yes, they may be first,” he said.

“We are very happy with the ongoing process in Sweden and believe it will increase security for both countries,” Haavisto added.

“If the negotiations with NATO start, they will be handled by a delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense.” 

Finnish President Sauli Niinstö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin went out this week and announced that they both support Finnish NATO membership. The official decision from the Finnish side is expected on Sunday.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Finland to apply for NATO membership on Wednesday"

  1. Again, by joining NATO, Finland will be joining our (more than just proxy) war against Russia, which does not seem defensive or concerned with its security.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch – in the States – there is growing concern about the growing danger of the war. Washington Post, of all places, posted this article by 2 young American academics: “The U.S. is expanding its goals in Ukraine. That’s dangerous.
    Comments by political and military leaders suggest the goal is no longer to drive Russia to the negotiating table but to seek a total defeat of Russian forces. That increases the odds of catastrophe.”
    My comment underneath:

    We have always known that the Russians cannot match us/NATO in a conventional war between us which this now is. So they are losing.

    Putin has said no nuclear weapons, but they said no invasion too, until Volodymyr (Zelensky) made his foolish remark opening the door to Ukraine getting nukes.

    I ask readers to carefully read and consider my Yahoo! News column “Lou Coatney: Russia now left with no choice but nuclear war.”

    And as far as them being deterred by us invoking MAD, they may soon or already be at the point of being with no option other than taking us down with them.

    You can bet the Russian leaders are not going to let themselves be lynched like Saddam Hussein or let their families be raped in our next Abu Ghraib prison.

    And that threat to their families is there, after we have already targeted *them* with sanctions.
    … and, I’ll add, after the rapes by Russian Army soldiers in Ukraine. Who would be our Abu Moscow prison guards, can we assume?

    As well, there has been this stunning article in Bloomberg and WaPo quoting senior Israeli political scientist and strategist, Yehezkel Dror:

    “Ukraine’s Allies Are Blundering Their Handling of Putin:
    Calling Russia’s president a war criminal was a form of “strategic madness,” says a leading Israeli foreign policy scholar”

    So around the world people are starting to wake up to our danger, if not yet in Scandinavia.

    The debate in Congress, the Senate, this next week should be interesting and revealing, if it is not suppressed.
    (Thank you, Rand Paul for blocking the unanimous consent, so that our continued U.S. funding of the war can be fairly discussed.)

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