Fire in a fishing vessel outside Sola

fishing vessel LangenesThe fishing vessel "Langenes" has its base on Engenes outside Ålesund and is owned by Engenes Fiskeriselskap. Photo: Engenes Fiskeriselskap

Fire in a fishing vessel outside Sola – 20 men on board

There is a fire on board a fishing vessel off the coast of Sola. A crew of 20 men is reported to be on board. 15 of them are to be evacuated.


It is the fishing vessel “Langenes”, registered in Ålesund, which has sent out a mayday at 3 in the afternoon, writes Aftenbladet.

The notification about the fire was received by the main rescue centre at Sola (HRS) at 3.03 pm

The vessel is situated about 79 nautical miles west of Sola. Vessels in the area are approaching to assist.

Two rescue helicopters scramble from Sola.

It is a crew of 20 aboard the distressed vessel. They wish to evacuate 15 persons initially.

– Now they are waiting for the first helicopter to arrive and launch the evacuation, says Rescue Leader in HRS, Bjørn Jarle Åmlid.

Åmlid states that they are in control of the fire that started in the engine room. The engine compartment is now isolated and the fire extinguisher is triggered inside the engine room.

– Everyone in the crew is gathered on the bridge and are waiting to be evacuated. Five remain on board as long as it is safe to do so, says Åmlid.

The Coast Guard assists

The Coast Guard vessel “KV Sortland” has been asked by the Rescue Centre to assist in the rescue. The coastguard vessel was located outside Bømlo, about 100 nautical miles from the fishing boat. They are en route, but will probably arrive late tonight.

– We will assist with what is needed in this situation, with extinguishing, evacuation or towing, says Chief Security Officer, Rune Hansen.

The drama seems to be under control.

– We have an ongoing dialogue with the main rescue centre, who controls operations at sea. We will always be at disposal when they ask for assistance. We will be involved when people come ashore if needed, according to Head of Operations in the South-West police district, Toralv Skårland.


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