Fire in a tourist holiday ferry under Preikestolen

LysefjordenFerry in a fire in Lysefjorden.Photo: Rebekka Hagen Andreassen / NTB scanpix

49 passengers were evacuated due to fire on the ferry, Eid, in Lysefjorden in Rogaland.


One of the crew had to be checked by healthcare professionals after inhaling smoke.

The message about the fire arrived at 20.05 on Friday evening according to the Southwestern police district.

According to the police, the fire occurred as a result of engine heat and the ferry sent out a ‘mayday’ message. It was at that point directly under Preikestolen. The ferry had 49 passengers and a crew of five on board.

“All passengers were evacuated to boats in the area,” stated the central rescue center of Southern Norway.

No panic

Passengers were transported to Oanes, located on the north side at the outlet of Lysefjorden. Eid was towed to Forsand by the ferry, Finnøy.

German tourist, Ole Martens, was among the evacuated. He said that they saw smoke coming from the engine.

“There was no panic,” said Martens to Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper.

The German passenger was first evacuated into a smaller boat, then into a catamaran.

Checked by a doctor

Just before 22.30 on Friday night, the central authority announced that the fire had diminished and that there was less smoke.

“Currently, only one person on board, one of the crew members, has been in need of medical supervision after inhaling smoke,” said the Southwestern Police District.

Eid, which is owned by Fjord1, built in 1978, is 65 meters long and has a capacity of 146 people and 50 passenger cars on board.

Regional Director, Tor Kristoffersen, of the shipping company, informed NTB news that the ferry was on a tourist route in Lysefjorden.


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