The first F35 to aircraft arrive in Norway

F35 aircraft F35 aircraft.Photo: US Air Force / NTB scanpix

The first F35 aircraft to arrive in Norway on Thursday

The first three F35 aircraft will land in Norway on Thursday, if the weather permits. This will be a milestone in the giant project. It is noteworthy that planes costing billions can be stopped by weather conditions.


– The three planes will land on Ørland around two am on Thursday, November 2,says the manager of the fighter program, General Morten Klever.

The arrival however depends on weather conditions, and according to Klever rain and wind is expected.

He describes the acquisition as the largest single project the Armed Forces have ever made.

– This is about the Armed Forces ability to ensure Norwegian sovereignty, including future threats, says Klever to NTB.

– It is a formidable strengthening of the Norwegian Armed Forces. And it is also a major strengthening of NATO’s collective defense, he states.

The official acquisition ceremony of the aircraft will be held on Friday, November 10th. Then  the chief of defense and the Minister of defense will be present at Ørland.

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