First Sunday of Advent in Norway

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Waiting for Jesus
Advent marks the waiting period before Christmas Day 25 December, which in Christianity is considered the birthday of Jesus. The word advent itself comes from the Latin word which means ‘to arrive’. In the Norwegian Church it is common to translate advent with the ‘Lords arrival’.


What dates are the Sundays in Advent?
The date of first Sunday in advent may vary from 27 November to 3 December.. Second Sunday in Advent may vary from 4th to 10th December, 3rd Sunday in Advent from 11th to 17th December, while the date of the fourth Sunday in Advent varies from 18th to 24th December.

If Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, then the Sunday the week before is the last in advent.

Lighting candles
Norway marks Advent Sunday with a candle holder for four candles. On the first sunday of advent the first light is lit, and for each advent Sunday a new light comes on. The lights are either white or purple, which is the liturgical color of advent time. Fourth Sunday in Advent, all four candles are lit.

It is also common for schools and kindergartens to have advent wreaths and illuminate the dark season with adventurous lights in the weeks before the school’s Christmas holiday.

Christmas star in the window
A bright Christmas star is placed in the window and pyramid stakes in the window frames are also traditional decoration during the period until Christmas, which is always two to four days after winter solstice.

Advent Calendar
The advent calendar, or the Christmas calendar, is another widespread advent tradition, which originates from Germany in the early 20th century. The calendar runs from 1 to 24 December, and every day the kids get a little surprise.

Traditionally, the surprise was a little picture behind a door in a cardboard calendar, eventually they began to sell the advent calendar with a chocolate bites or a small toy behind its small doors.

All price ranges
In the past decades, bigger and more beautiful advent calendars have emerged. The most expensive one ever made was a diamond calendar made by the jewelry manufacturer Biegel Schmuckdesign. At that time it cost 2.5 million Euro..

In comparison, there was a a few Porsche calendars worth 1 million US $, but only five were made. Behind the hatches of the 1.75 meter high brick in brushed steel was a motor yacht, a new kitchen and a gold clock.

Today, you can find everything from exclusive cosmetics calendars to 10-krone chocolate calendars.

Popular with the home team
Homemade advent calendars with gingerbread cookies or small gifts are also very popular, as well for adults. A trendy variant is a box of 24 different beers, one for every day in advent.


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