Five apartments in Oslo damaged in townhouse fire

The fire department has controlOslo.The fire department has control. Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

The fire department has control of the fire in Kantarellen terrace in the Mortensrud area in Oslo, and on Monday morning were extinguishing the fire where 14 people were evacuated.

The Police in Oslo reported at 08:00 on Twitter that the fire department will continue to extinguish the fire throughout the day.

It was about four hours ago when a message was received that a kitchen was on fire in one of the apartments.

– That message was received at 04:14, but the fire spread quickly and is now significantly larger.

The entire length of the townhouse – seven or eight homes – have been evacuated, but so far we have not received reports of anyone being injured, said Operations Manager Rune Ullsand in Oslo Police.

Five townhouses have received major damage in the fire. 14 people were evacuated, and were being cared for by the paramedics on site. There are no report of injuries.

The fire department reported that the roof was ablaze and can not be saved. There was a lot of smoke in the area and residents nearby were asked to keep their windows closed.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today