Teenage boys charged with robbing prostitutes

Police, Five teenage boys chargedPolice. Photo: Norway Today Media

Teenage boys charged with threatening and robbing prostitutes

Five teenage boys charged with threatening money and valuables from two prostitutes in the western part of Oslo. Three of them will not be waving flags on the National day.


According to the newspaper VG’s information, one or more of the boys has entered an apartment that was occupied by two prostitutes.

They allegedly then threatened them with something that resembled firearms, while the apartment was emptied of money and valuables.

During search of premises occupied by the accused, the police have allegedly have found items and money worth, what the newspaper describes as , more than one hundred thousand. The incident allegedly occurred in April.

The five accused were in detention hearings in Oslo District Court on May 12. It was then decided that three of them, a 19-years-old student, a 18-years-old and a 17-years-old will be detained.

Two of the five admit culpability

The 18-years-old has admitted being guilty of the accusation, but appealed the detention ruling. the imprisoned 17-years-old has likewise admitted involvement in the robbery.

The 19-years-old and the last two, respectively 16 and 17 years-old at the time of the incident, refuse in turn culpability. Marijana Lozic, which represents the oldest of the five accused, says that her client was imprisoned one week shorter than what the police requested.

– It is due to his young age, and also that the court took into account that he is a high school student, and due to graduate in late May. The court will give him time to prepare for the exams, including the week he is imprisoned, she says to VG.

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