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Ten cars exposed to theft at Flesland in a fortnight

Flesland Airport Bergen, Theft, car cycling world championshipsFlesland Airport Bergen, Photo: Avinor


Ten cars exposed to theft at Bergen Airport, Flesland in a fortnight

Near Bergen Airport, Flesland, four cars  have been stripped of tires and wheels, and several charging cables for electric cars (EVs) have been stolen over the course of a month and a half.  Ten cars at parking facilities at Bergen Airport, Flesland, were broken into over the past two weeks.


It started in mid July with the theft of six EV charging cables, which are becoming increasingly popular in Norway. Four cars were stripped of their wheels and left on rims. Most of the targeted vehicles were EVs, reported Bergens Tidende newspaper.

A flight traveller who had put his car in long-term parking at Liland Parking near Bergen Airport was met by four empty wheel bows. The car rested on wheel rims stuck under the car, said the chief of  Fana police, Bente Liland, to the newspaper.
‘In all cases, the thieves  used the same modus operandi, placing the cars on rims, so that they didn’t roll downhill.  Bente Liland said that it’s too early to say whether, for example, a gang are behind the thefts.
The police don’t yet know if there is a correlation between the charging cable thefts, and the wheel robberies in July.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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