Flight from Rygge evacuated after misunderstanding

Rygge airportMossRygge airport.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

The Ryanair flight from Rygge airport to Manchester Sunday night was evacuated after passengers heard fellow passengers talk about “a bomb”. It was all the result of a misunderstanding,  police concludes.

The plane was supposed to have traveled to Manchester clock 18.55, but the flight  was first postponed and later the plane was emptied of passengers. The Police bomb squad searched the plane on Sunday evening, but found nothing suspicious.
– The bomb group, which included dogs, has searched the plane. We have cleared the plane and hand luggage of the two passengers. Now we have  to check the baggage of the rest of the passengers,   leader on site of the police action, Anders Strømsæther, said to the news agency NTB.
Shortly before midnight the police reported that the situation was clarified and that the incident happened because of a misunderstanding.
– After questioning the witnesses and those suspected of “carrying” the bomb,  the police are concluding that the situation is the result of a misunderstanding. We have made no findings at the airport. The two persons that were brought in for questioning have been “checked out” of the case and have been let go by the police,  the police in Oslo wrote.

Argument in the toilet
East Police says to NTB that two men, one from Sri Lanka with a Spanish passport and one from Congo with a British passports, were brought in for questioning by the police.
– The two foreign men had an argument in a toilet, and the word bomb was mentioned. Passengers also reacted to other things,  Strømsæther says.
Ryanair set up a new aircraft to Manchester late Sunday night and passengers have  also been given the opportunity to rebook on another flight or get their money for the trip back.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today