Floating ‘Chinese lanterns’ create trouble for emergency services

Chinese lanterns Chinese lanterns

The chief rescue center have been angered by red ‘Chinese lanterns’ that can be confused with emergency missiles. They asked people to stick to other colours.


During Easter week, emergency services have received reports of red lights in the sky in several places in the country.

“We have had cases every night for the past three days from the use of red Chinese lanterns. We have to consider what measures we should take,” said rescue leader, Owe Frøland, at the National Rescue Center in Southern Norway to NTB news agency.

Red is a danger signal on land and sea.

“It takes time and resources to do surveys when we get such messages.

It may conflict with other events’’, he said.

Mostly, the lanterns have come from cabins.

‘’Easter is often spent up in the mountains, and it’s there that people observe
these red objects that float. If people absolutely want to send up red lights,the National Emergency Center asks them to notify local police in advance.

We can not stop them from sending them up. The lamps are legal to sell and use in Norway, but we strongly encourage people not to use red lights. They are available in several other colours, both blue and yellow’’, emphasised the rescue organisation leader.

In the past, fire protection organisations and insurance companies have also warned against the Chinese lanterns because of the fire hazard they can cause.


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