Flogged Iranian woman lost to UNE – Appels

Aceh Caning IranianCaning is much used in Sharia Law, here from Aceh, Indonesia. Photo: Voice of America / Wikipedia.org

Flogged Iranian woman lost to UNE – Appels

The Iranian woman, Leila Bayat, who was sentenced to flogging in Iran, lost the lawsuit against the Norwegian Immigration Service (UNE). She has decided to appeal the verdict.


Bayat demand that the Norwegian state being held responsible for several violations of the European Human Rights Convention. She also demanded new treatment for her asylum case and that the earlier decisions must be deemed invalid, reports NRK.

Bayat must, according to Oslo District Court verdict, cover the costs of the Immigration Service (UNE) by NOK 241,000.

Her lawyer is surprised

According to the 80-page verdict:

“The way the present case appears, with the matter and the decisions that have been taken, UNE has made a thorough and factual assessment of the various considerations based on the facts, according to the Court’s view.”

Already on Monday afternoon, Bayat, in consultation with her Attorney, Erlend Liaklev Andersen, decided to appeal.

– I am surprised by the results. We disagree with the decision, the lawyer tells NTB.

Showed images of whippings

Leila Bayat sought asylum in Norway in 2009 on the grounds that she was prosecuted in Iran. A verdict from 2007 was awaiting her of 80 whippings, a sentencing that the Norwegian authorities did not believe to be real. She was therefore forcefully returned to Iran on March 8th, 2017.

The case took a new turn when the sentence was enforced, and she was administered the flogging on September 19th, 2017. The next day  TV 2 broadcast Pictures of Bayat’s back and the case led to strong reactions in Norway.

Bayat returned to Norway in October last year. In August she was granted a temporary stay of three years. Bayat can in the meantime apply for permanent residence based on a family reunion with her son, who has a residence permit because his father lives in Norway.


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