Flood warning maintained in Agder

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Flood warning maintained in Agder

The flood warning is maintained at the orange level for East Agder on Sunday. Several roads are closed due to flooding.


In places it has been up to 100 millimeter rainfall in one day until eight am on Sunday. Substantially less for large parts of the notification area though. It is still expected a lot of rain Sunday, up to 60 millimeters, reports the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) in an updated flood warning, where the danger level is kept at the second highest level (orange).

It is still in Aust-Agder that there is the most rainfall, but it is expected to subside on Sunday evening. Water levels currently rise rapidly in several watercourses and approaches water levels of category yellow.

The flood warning is maintained at orange level for parts of Aust-Agder during Sunday. Monday is predicted at yellow level. The level is also yellow for eastern parts of Western Agder and western parts of Telemark. There is also a landslide warning at yellow level for parts of Agder and Telemark.

An update will be issued at 2 pm, according to varsom.no.

Closed roads

As of seven am in the morning, the police in Agder reported that they have not yet received any reports of events related to the weather situation. Sunday morning, several roads were closed or partially closed due to flooding and the danger of landslides.

This included, as an example, the E18 east of Arendal on the stretch Jostadvann-Haslestad , where the police direct traffic past storm waters via a bicycle path. The road is closed to heavy vehicles that will have to wait until a detour is made available.

On the old E18, now the county road 410, a landslide is reported at Laget between Tvedestrand and Risør. The landslide blocks one lane. On the same road, at the exit to Tvedestrand there is also another landslide.

The police also report a lot of storm water on several other stretches.Both county road 7 Hødnebøkilen – Røysland in Risør and county road 31 Torpegrenda – Nygrenda on the stretch Beisland-Risdal was closed Sunday


The police remember recent floods and are prepared for large amounts of water, even though it this time becomes more manageable. It is the small and medium-sized rivers in East Agder on the stretch Birkenes-Vegårshei which are most vulnerable, according to NVE.

– We have patrols out in both East and West Agder. Most in areas with rivers that are prone to flooding. The idea is that we will be proactive and monitor as the rain comes down, says Operation Manager in Agder Police District, Line Andresen, to NTB.

She urges people to look after their boats and properties.

Less than last time around

Measured in extent, the flood in southern Norway at the beginning of October was one of the worst floods in recent times. There have been reported 3,000 cases of damage, and Finans Norge estimates that the claims for the damages are about NOK 500 million.

The precipitation was measured to around 300 millimeters over 3-4 days over a substantially larger area than at present. This time it is expected to total around 140 millimeters rainfall, including what came Friday. Locally along the coast, it can however reach 200 millimeters, according to varsom.no.


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