The flu season will arrive earlier than before

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The flu season seems to bbeb arriving earlier than usual and may strike before the Christmas rush, believes NIPH.

– We have seen that flu is in development in Norway, said Olav Hungnes at the NIPH, to NRK news.

He researches influenza and says that compared with previous years, it appears that development has occurred earlier than usual.

– There is a greater risk than normal that many may get flu before Christmas.

Public Health do not know why it seems that the flu has come earlier than before, but says it is not too late to get vaccinated.

– We say it’s never really too late. So we advise those who should get vaccinated to do so soon, says Hungnes.

Good advice if you start feeling flu-like symptoms is to take it easy.

– Staying under the covers. Often there is muscle pain and headache that follows influenza, and then you can take painkillers.

It is important to get enough fluids, said general manager Alessia Lauritzen, at the doctors in Drammen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today