FM radios can end up in Africa

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A recycling scheme will collect usable FM radios and send them to both European and African countries when the FM network expires for the national radio.

– We are initiating the campaign now, and putting containers at recycling centers in Rogaland. The hope is that all the Norwegian sanitation companies will do the same, says Tord Tjelflaat from the inter-municipal waste disposal company IVAR in Rogaland to NRK.

He believes that it is far more environmentally friendly to collect FM radios for re-use instead of throwing them away when making the transition to the DAB network. The aim is that the radios that are outdated in Norway, can be used in other countries where the FM network is still in use.

Norsirk, which is one of three companies that are responsible for the collection of electrical products, will store the radios, and is now working to find markets abroad.

– Both Europe and Africa are likely candidates. We are actively seeking and expect to have a solution, says CEO Stig Ervik.

The FM network will be successively extinguished in zones across the country and will disappear entirely with the Troms and Finnmark zone on December 13th, 2017.

However, it will still be possible to hear local radio on the FM network for a long time and 189 local radio stations will continue to transmit on FM radio until the end of 2021.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today