Follo and Nordre Østfold District Court: Man in his 20s acquitted of sleep rape

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A man in his 20s has been acquitted of sleep rape in Follo and Nordre Østfold District Court. The court believes that it can not be ruled out that the man committed the rape in his sleep.

The man has nevertheless been sentenced to pay the woman NOK 150,000 in reparation, which is on a par with the Supreme Court’s guiding norm in rape cases, the newspaper Østlandets Blad writes.

The district court believes the act is to be regarded as a consummated rape, but the crucial point in the case is whether the man acted with a sufficient degree of subjective guilt.

“Both in police interrogation and in court, the accused has emphasized that the intercourse was initiated while he was asleep and that he did not regain control of himself until the victim woke up. If the intercourse was carried out in his sleep – so-called sexsomnia – the accused has not acted with a degree of guilt that can lead to a conviction,” the court noted.

The man has appealed the compensation that he has been sentenced to pay to the aggrieved party in the case.

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