Foodora: The food must be delivered!

Foodora Stavanger BicycleFoodora, Photo: NTB Scanpix

Soon you can order food bicycled to your home by Foodora

The food delivery service Foodora already exists in Oslo and Bergen. Now it will also be available in Stavanger.


Byas has previously reported that the food delivery service is evaluating the city. Now it is finally confirmed! Foodora starts up in Stavanger Thursday at 3 pm

In Norway, it started in Oslo in 2015. About half a year ago, Foodora started up in Bergen.

And as of Thursday at 3 pm you can order food delivered to your home by the pink cyclists in Stavanger.

25 restaurants participate

22 cyclists will add color to the cityscape – and bicycle the food home to hungry ‘Siddis’

– After a successful expansion to Bergen in November, we are now offering the service in yet another city. We have the belief that food hungry ‘Siddis’ want to test out our service, Carl Tengberg, CEO of Foodora Norway, states in a press release.

The concept is that Foodora brings food from restaurants that normally do not offer home delivery. The twist in the tail is that it is done by pink cyclists!

Several local restaurants have gotten aboard already. 25 restuarants are participating from day one. To name but a few: The Shack, Fish & Cow and Renaa Xpress at Sølvberget.

– It will be nice to deliver food through Foodora and it is very pleasing that it takes place in an environmentally friendly way, says owner of The Shack, Gunnar Ellingsen, in the press release.

Opening hours

The service is up and running as of today. The food is ordered via the website or app, where you can choose to have your food bicycled home – There is of course still a possibility for you to pick your order up yourself.

The opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: 15-21
  • Friday: 15 – 22
  • Saturday and Sunday: 12 – 22

Initially, only the people who live close to the city centre that can utilize Foodora.

– We are starting up with a limited delivery area near the city centre, but with a potential to expand the coverage, says Tengberg.


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