Forced health care after murder in Vadsø

Coop Vadsø murderCoop byggmix in Vadsø. Photo: Ole Gunnar Onsøien/ iFinnmark / NTB scanpix

Forced mental health care after knife murder in Vadsø

An Asylum seeker, who claims to be a 20-years-old Afghani, is sentenced to forced mental health care after the knife murder of Håvard Pedersen in Vadsø this summer.

The verdict fell in East Finnmark District Court on Monday, reports NRK.

Experts have concluded that the defendant was psychotic when the murder was committed. The verdict is in line with the prosecutor’s claim.

Håvard Pedersen was at work at Coop Byggmix in Vadsø when he was attacked with a knife in the summer without prior warning. He died in one to two minutes time. The defendant was arrested shortly after he threw himself into the ocean outside Vadsøya in an attempt to escape from the police.

Captured on video

The event was captured on video. The defendant has denied culpability.

The now convicted man came to Norway as a lone minor asylum seeker from Afghanistan in 2015. According to information he then provided, he is 18 years old. During the investigation of the murder, information has come to light that he is registered with several different names and birth dates, including that he is factually a 21-years-old from Pakistan.

East Finnmark District Court concludes that the man’s true identity and age are not crucial to the question of guilt and punishment.

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