Foreign drivers owe Norway NOK 47 million


Thousands of foreign drivers don’t pay speeding fines submitted to them by Norwegian police.


A list from the State Collection Center showed unpaid fines from drivers from 115 countries, reported TV 2 news.
Polish and German tourists topped the list of those with unpaid fines. From these two countries alone, 2,533 motorists owe the Norwegian state money for fines that haven’t been paid.

‘More and more of the drivers who are stopped ask for Vipps (mobile payment applications)’, said police officer, Christina Skautvedt.

ICT Norway (Organisation for Business and Industry) are critical of the fact that the Public Prosecution Service (DP) don’t have payment terminals.

‘That the police don’t have payment terminals in their cars in 2017 is very old-fashioned. We know that users demand efficient, digital services, and they are ripe for change,’ said Heidi Arnesen Austlid, CEO of ICT Norway to TV2.

UP chief, Runar Karlsen, believes that money collection on the spot will be beneficial for police, and save them work.

© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today