Hazard of forest fires in Western Norway

Forest FireForest Fire, Photo: Pixabay

Grass- and forest fires in several places in the region

The fire departments in Hordaland warns of great fire hazards after being called out after reports of grass- and forest fires several places in the region on Sunday.


– There is a great forest fire hazard, and it is reported dry the next two days. It’s just about keeping up, says operator Karl Arne Røyset at the 110 central in Oslo.

He tells about several incidents on Sunday evening where the fire department had to scramble due to fires.

We have had several grass fires, but most we’ve managed to stop before they went too far.

We had one in Lindås municipality on Sunday night, and then we had dispatch a lot of vehicles, Røyset continues.It was a larger grass area of over 100 square meters that burned next to a road.

There is a great fire hazard now. It’s very scary. We encourage people to be careful with open flames. Most municipalities have initiated ban on fires because of this, he continued. Also weather service Yr report high fire danger and writes that the danger is increasing, especially in coastal areas from Bergen to Kristiansand.


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