Former football coach for children accused of storing abusive material


When police arrested a man in his fifties, he had 230,000 images of children being sexually abused.

When police arrested him in 2014 the man had, according to the indictment, approximately 230,000 images and 670 video films on his PC which sexualize children or show a child being sexually abused, VG reports.

Over a period of ten years, from 2004 until October 2014, a man in his fifties regularly received, held and handed over files to other sexual abuse against children. It appears from an indictment in the Fjordane District Court.

The man comes from a village in Sogn og Fjordane.  The year he was arrested, he was a football coach for children under ten years old in the local club. The man is also father of young children.

– He acknowledges the facts but believes this is more a case of curiosity than paedophile tendencies.

He has not had any sexual contact with children, and the community is fairly surprised by this case as he is a committed person who many know, the man’s lawyer, Louis Anda, told the newspaper.

The case is scheduled to begin in Fjordane District Court in June.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today