Former police officer charged with rape

Stavanger Tingrett Stavanger District Court. Pyromaniac Police Officer defiling Gulating MurdererStavanger District Court. Photo: Norway Today Media

Former police officer charged with rape

The former police officer is supposedly also charged with breach of a ban on visitation and for influencing a witness. He is now detained for two weeks.


NRK Rogaland reports this.

On Thursday, March 15, the police arrested a man charged with rape, violation of a ban on visitation and the influencing of a witness. The man has previously been employed as a police officer in the former Rogaland police district.

The man has been detained for two weeks. The police believe there is a danger of destroying of evidence and also danger of repetition.

– The charged man must remain in custody in order to that avoid that he will influence the investigation. We also think there is a possibility of repeated offenses, as the man is charged with several matters involving the same victim. The offender may well commit more offenses if he is released now, says police attorney in the South West police district, Stian Eskeland to NRK Rogaland.

According to NRK Rogaland, the man does no longer work for the police and the police attorney says he will not comment on any relationship between the insulted and perpetrator, where he used to be stationed, what role he had in the police or if he is convicted of any crime previously. The police are investigating the case further.


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