Four Bulgarians sentenced for human trafficking


Four Bulgarians have been sentenced for up to seven years in prison at Glåmdal District Court for having exploited women into prostitution. All have been judged to have belonged to an organized criminal group.

The trial of two accused men and two women went on for nine weeks earlier this fall.
Police believe the defendant has engaged in extensive human trafficking and prostitution in Oslo, and the base for the business was a restaurant in a small town in Hedmark.
Prosecutor and Attorney Iris Storås believed that a woman in her 30s had a central role in the business and last month was sentenced to jail for eight years.
According to Storås, the woman received direct benefits from the money the Bulgarian network gained. Glåmdal District Court believed that seven years imprisonment was the appropriate punishment for the woman.
According to the court, it is satisfied that the woman has stood for direct recruitment of two of the three aggrieved women, transported two of them to Norway and made sure to arrange housing in Norway for all three.
The woman had even made sure to get them started in the work of “prostitution district,” instructed them about work, examined them and taken their money.
– The court found it proved that she is at the core of the activities of the criminal group … “wrote the court.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today