Four out of ten Coronavirus patients in Norway were born abroad

Østfold Kalnes HospitalSarpsborg.Østfold Kalnes Hospital.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

Of all the Coronavirus patients treated in Norwegian hospitals, 36 percent were born abroad. 12 percent of all inpatients were born in Somalia or Pakistan.

Shows figures from the Patient Register and the National Institute of Public Health’s (NIPH) emergency register for Covid-19, writes Aftenposten.

With low infection rates in the last month, the proportion of foreign-born Coronavirus patients has increased to half.

Researchers will now have the same information about people who have died of or died with also being infected with the Coronavirus in Norway. These numbers have not so far been public.

– “As long as we do not get the death toll, we do not know what happened to foreign-born patients after they were admitted,” says Professor Esperanza Diaz at the Department of Global Health Medicine at the University of Bergen to Aftenposten.

The foreign-born Coronavirus patients are also younger than the patients born in Norway. The average age of patients born in Somalia or Iraq was 51 years, while Norwegian-born patients were on average 64 years old, FHI’s emergency preparedness register shows.

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