Four out of ten want high-speed trains between Norwegian cities

Train foreign operator railroadTrain at Oslo Central Station. Photo: Norway Today Media

41 percent of those surveyed say they agree that high-speed railways should be developed between the largest cities in Norway.

The survey was conducted by Norstat on behalf of ABC News. In the survey, the 1,041 who have responded have been presented with the claim “Norway should afford to build high-speed trains between Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim”.

While 41 percent agree with this claim, 8 percent respond that they “totally disagree”, the newspaper writes. In Oslo, 54 percent say that they support such development.

20 percent agree almost entirely with the claim, which means that as many as 61 percent of the respondents are positive. In Oslo, 70 percent are for it.

In the political platform that the four government parties negotiated on Granavollen in January, it is said that “stretching high-speed studies for railways will be initiated in line with the National Transport Plan”.

“It is very good that the Norwegian people support such a measure,” says Deputy Chairman Jon Gunnes (V) in the Transport and Communications Committee at the Storting.

In 2012, the so-called High-Speed Survey concluded that it is quite possible to expand and operate high-speed railways in Norway, but that investments can reach almost NOK 1,000 billion.

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