Four people drowned in Norway last month

DiverPhoto: Audun Braastad / NTB

So far this year, 21 people have drowned in Norway, according to the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue’s (Redningsselskapet) statistics. Three men and a woman drowned in April.

In April, two men in their 70s died in drowning accidents related to their leisure boats, in Tvedestrand and Øygarden. In addition, a man in his 50s was found in the sea in Bergen Municipality, while a woman in her 30s was found dead in the sea in Oslo. 

19 of the 21 people who have drowned so far this year were men, and 80% were older than 40 years of age. So far, there have been no drowning accidents involving children. 

Redningsselskapet reminds people that the temperature in the water is still below ten degrees in most places in the country.

“Take care of yourself and others around the sea and water. Should you still be unlucky enough to fall into the water, you must remain calm, float on your back, and control your breathing. Then you can determine how you can save yourself or get help,” Tanja Krangnes, the head of drowning prevention at Redningsselskapet, stated.

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